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Your cabinets provide your kitchen with a layer of makeup. In other words, it creates a wonderful appearance in your kitchen and allows you to have the confidence that you need to host social events in your home and to be able to cook and clean properly. Our team can provide you with the services that you need for your property. ​

We will also ensure that you pay the best rates in Houston for these high-quality and reputable services.


Our company has been providing cabinet refinishing and kitchen refacing services for a number of years. We have expanded our services to include painting work as well. We know that refacing cabinets and painting your property can make it look much better than it did before. The best way to ensure that you get high-quality results is to hire a high-quality team. We are the individuals that you are able to trust for this work, and we are going to bring all of our years of experience to the project that we complete for you in order to ensure that the work is done right.


Cabinets help ensure that your property looks clean and put together. Also, cabinets offer a surface for you to demonstrate your interior design preferences. You will always want to ensure that the cabinets look great. The best way to ensure that the cabinets look awesome is to hire reputable and reliable professionals for the job. Whether you want custom cabinet doors, or whether you want to update your outdated laminate cabinets, you can leave it to our team of professionals to provide you with a wonderful cabinet outcome.

​Cabinet Refinishing

Replacing cabinet doors could get expensive, but refinishing wood cabinet could be much simpler. There are a lot of different options that you have for cabinet refinishing when you work with our company. We have been able to refurbish kitchen cabinets for many years. We know that redoing kitchen cabinets can be a lot of work if you try to figure things out on your own. Instead of trying to strategize the best way to handle kitchen cabinet restoration, leave it to our team. We are going to be able to give you the best cabinet refacing cost as well. Refinishing kitchen cabinets is not going to cost you an arm and a leg when you hire us.

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting may seem like an easy enough take, but it also takes time and energy away from other things that you could be doing. Our company is known for cabinet refacing and cabinet restoration. We are also highly regarded for restaining cabinets, or staining cabinets complete for the first time. When you hire our team, you are not going to need to crunch numbers for the cabinet painting cost. We can also ensure that the staining kitchen cabinet cost remains low and reasonable. Any concerns that you may have had about kitchen cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing costs are going to vanish after you inquire with our team about the range of services that we offer.

House Painting

House painting can be quick and simple when you pick up the phone and hire our team to come by and do it for you. We have the proper safety gear and equipment to complete this work. Also, we have the right amount of experience to ensure that the house painting job is done with the right kinds of paint. For example, we are going to ensure that we use the right kind of house paint for your vinyl siding. If you have brick siding at your property, we will also ensure we use the right kind of paint for that as well.

Interior Painting

Interior painting can be a challenge if you think you will be able to get it done quickly. Usually, people are shocked by how much time and energy is required for interior painting. You are going to be able to skip the unpleasant painting surprise, and instead, you can directly hire our team to do this painting work instead. We can provide you with advice as well about the right kind of paint for your interior.

Drywall Repair

Drywall repair needs to be thorough and reliable. Our team is going to be able to get the repairs done while also eliminating any issues of those same damages occurring again.

Textured Painting

Textured painting needs to be completed by people who have experience working with the substance. If someone without any experience tries to complete this work, it is going to be much more challenging. Luckily though, we will be able to complete this work for you, and you will not need to stress about it.

Contact Us Today

​Our team is always here and ready to take your call. We like to be able to provide support to our new and prospective clients. Also, we are happy to discuss services with our returning customers as well. We have a lot of experience and insight that we can discuss with you.

“I completed some work many years ago for replacing kitchen cabinet doors. I realized that kitchen cabinet refacing and replacing work is hard though. Instead of trying to do some kitchen refacing at my age, I hired Houston Cabinet Refinishing instead. They are friendly and trustworthy. They also did a great job, so I am glad that Ihired them.” – Peter Y.

“The service providers for cabinets near me can get expensive. Luckily though, I was able to find Houston Cabinet Refinishing for a reasonable price. They offer the best rates for cabinet refinishing near me. I was worried about the kitchen cabinet refacing cost but all of that was put to rest shortly after I spoke with them. I am happy I hired them for the kitchen refinishing work because it looks better than I expected!” – Ken T.

“I was worried about finding a reasonable kitchen refacing cost, but I knew it would be cheaper than new cabinet doors. I looked around at different options for refacing cabinet doors, and I finally decided that hiring Houston Cabinet Refinishing would be my best bet. They are professional kitchen cabinet painters and refacing experts that are also known for custom cabinets for bathroom or kitchen cabinets. They ended up doing a great job, and I am happy that I hired them! My house looks awesome.” – June M.



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