A Guide to Affordable Cabinet Refinishing Options in Houston, Texas

If you are looking for a professional who can refinish your kitchen cabinets, you can do so at an affordable price by following the tips in this guide. First, you should know what cabinets need to be refinished, what the types of refinishing are, and why you should consider them. After all, they are the focal point of your kitchen, so refinishing them is the best option for them.

What’s the Difference Between Cabinet Painting and Cabinet Refinishing?

Before deciding whether cabinet painting or refinishing is better for you, it’s essential to understand each process. Cabinet refinishing involves applying new paint to the cabinets. Cabinet painting, on the other hand, involves a different approach. While painting cabinets yourself can give you a fresh look, it can also lead to fading over time. Painting yourself can damage your cabinets and produce subpar results.

Typically, cabinet doors made of thermofoil or laminate are not stain-grade, which makes it challenging to achieve a high-quality finish. For refinishing, you’ll need cabinet doors made of wood or MDF. MDF accepts paint and stain and allows you to sand off the top layers. Laminate and vinyl are not suitable for refinishing because the paint won’t adhere well to the surface of the cabinet.

The main difference between painting and refinishing is their time frame. Cabinet painting takes three to four days, while refinishing takes up to a week. The most effective option for kitchen cabinets is lacquer. Lacquer is a solvent-borne product that emits volatile fumes during application, and these fumes can linger in the air for days. Moreover, spray finishing requires three to four days.

Refinishing involves removing the old finish from your cabinets and applying a new one. You can also use stains if you want to highlight the wood’s natural grain in your cabinets. However, you should ensure that the cabinets are in good condition before refinishing. While this process is effective and inexpensive, it will only work if your cabinets are in good condition. Refinishing removes scratches from the finish but won’t cover other kinds of damage.

Cabinet painting involves applying new materials on top of the old cabinets, and Refinishing consists of using fresh paint or stain on your cabinets. Cabinet refinishing is an excellent option if you want to update the color and finish of your cabinets. However, it is more expensive than painting your cabinets. Refinishing your cabinets can improve the look of your kitchen for a fraction of the price of replacing the cabinet.

When choosing between stain and paint, choose the one that will last longer. A stain is more water-resistant than paint. However, it can be harder to remove stains, but it is less likely to fade in time compared to painting. If you decide to use color, you should ensure that the stain is water-resistant because shower steam can damage painted cabinets. Finally, consider the type of wood. There are two types: paint grade and stain grade. The paint grade is smooth, while the stain grade is rougher and holds stains better.

If you are unsure which one to choose, cabinet refinishing or cabinet painting is the better option. While the image removes the old cabinetry, the cabinet refacing replaces its front parts. Refacing involves changing the color and style of the cabinets but does not involve salvaging old hardware. Aside from painting, cabinet refacing requires a higher level of expertise.

What are the Benefits of Affordable Cabinet Refinished

Despite the name, cabinet refinishing isn’t a replacement but a great way to restore the original look of cabinets. Compared to replacing them, refinishing will save you a lot of money. You can consider refacing your cabinets if you’re on a tight budget. Not only will it help you save money, but it will also give your kitchen a fresh new look.

One of the most significant benefits of affordable cabinet refinishing Houston, Texas companies offers is that they provide the same high-quality service as a reputable cabinetry repair service, and the prices are comparable. Refinishing allows you to choose the look and color you want. You can choose to use laminate or solid wood. While the former is more expensive, it will last the longest. You can also add under-cabinet lighting and glass inserts later.

Refinishing your cabinets is much cheaper than a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel, and you can save up to 40% or more than refacing your cabinets. Refacing your cabinets with different colors will cost between $1,800 and $4,150. It’s also much easier to repair than replace and can be done on a budget. The cost depends on the number of cabinets you have, their material, and the quality of the construction.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Refinish

There are several different types of kitchen cabinet refinishing, but three main steps are involved in the process. First, you’ll need to remove any existing finish from the cabinet doors. You can either scrape off the old paint or use a sander to prepare the surface for the new finish. Next, you’ll prepare the cabinet surfaces for refinishing by cleaning them, and you can leave them in place while you clean the rest of the kitchen. Depending on the condition of the cabinets, you may have to remove some refinished surfaces, too.

Another type of kitchen cabinet refinishing involves applying a glaze coating to the surface. This method creates a dramatic yet subtle look. Apply glaze to the cabinet door and wipe the excess glaze with a cloth. When choosing a glaze, select a color that complements other kitchen elements. Otherwise, you can paint the entire cabinet door with a single coat of glaze.

If you are worried about the cost, you can also consider having your kitchen cabinets refaced. This process is much cheaper than replacing them. Cabinet refacing involves replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts and repainting the box to match. However, you can’t count on this option for severe problems. It’s like applying fresh paint to a car that’s not working.

Why Cabinet Refinishing Matters

There are a few options when you want to refinish a wooden cabinet or drawer. There are two basic options: you can choose a traditional painter, who will apply a brush coat finish, or you can opt for a professional refinisher. If you choose the latter, you should consider who will be responsible for the cabinets’ doors. In the case of a traditional painter, you may find yourself paying less but should take care not to choose a painting crew without a clean image. The result will be cabinets that look brand new again.

The refinishing process can bring back the beauty of your cabinets and enhance their structure. A skilled professional can also restore your cabinet’s paint and furniture. For a professional look, you should ask for references and check for insurance coverage. Then, ask for examples of previous work. Also, check the edges and corners of the cabinet, and make sure that the grain runs lengthwise. The cabinet refinishing process is not easy, so be patient and use the help of a professional.

The refinishing process is a less invasive option compared to replacing the cabinets. The process requires less prep work and is much cheaper than refacing, costing thirty to fifty percent less. You’ll also save money and stress on wood, hardware, and labor. Refinishing also saves you a significant amount of money. Refinishing cabinets can also give your kitchen a completely different look.

The Value of a Professional Cabinet Refinisher

There are many things to consider when choosing a Houston cabinet refinisher. The work site must be adequately prepared, and the contractor must be licensed and insured. The contractor must also know the proper procedures and materials to use. Ask about the process they will use for your project. Do they include interior work, and do they require a permit? Ask them about their experience and recommendations. Then, choose a cabinet refinishing company that will be dependable.

Although cabinet refinishing is a cheaper alternative to replacing them, it may be a more costly undertaking. If you’re unsure what to expect, hiring a professional is best. A professional cabinet refinisher in Houston, Texas, can give you an accurate estimate based on your needs and budget. After all, you’ll be much happier with the results.

If you’re looking for a more durable finish, shellac may be the best choice. A professional can restore the look of your cabinetry while maintaining the natural beauty of the wood. The price for shellac can vary, but it’s generally around $6 to $16 per square foot. It also seals the wood, creating a semi-transparent finish. In Houston, many homeowners want to preserve the natural appearance of their wood cabinets, but shellac will not work well in humid environments.

Tips on Getting Your Cabinets Painted Professional

Before painting your cabinets, you should tape everything to prevent paint from bleeding. Make sure to press down the edges of the tape and any exposed wood. Also, set aside a clean work area to ensure the paint doesn’t stain the walls. Before painting, you should clean the cabinet boxes. Keeping these things in mind will help the paint job go much smoother. You can also donate the hardware or save it for later use.

Before painting your cabinets, you must have the proper primer. This is important because the paint’s color must match the cabinet’s finish. If it doesn’t match your decor, it will show through. If you want the new color to last for many years, you can also get your cabinets painted professionally by hiring a painting contractor in Houston, Texas. Usually, professional painters charge a minimal fee, so you’ll benefit from getting a quality job.

The type of paint you choose will also determine how long it takes to complete the project. You can try to paint your cabinets with a brush, but you’ll probably end up with streaks and uneven coverage. The best method is to hire a professional Houston Texas painter. There are many advantages to hiring a painter, including having the ability to control the painting process and avoiding mistakes. However, remember that painting your cabinets alone will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Cost for Kitchen Cabinet Refinish Professionally

Depending on the size of your project, the cost for kitchen cabinet refinishing can range from around $3,000 to over $7,500. The labor and materials for the job are included in the price, ranging between $4 and $25 per square foot. Also, with the type of refinishing required and the location of the cabinets, the cost can be even more or less than the initial estimate.

Professional painters usually charge between $90 and $850 for the entire process. Of course, this doesn’t mean they make that much, as this money goes toward overhead, insurance, and workers’ compensation. But it’s worth noting that you can paint your kitchen cabinets for a fraction of the price. Here are some tips for saving money while getting your cabinets repainted:

A contractor can also use varnish instead of paint or stain. Varnish is sometimes preferred by homeowners who wish to keep the natural appearance of wood cabinets, and it lasts longer and doesn’t chip off as easily. The materials used for varnish and shellacking cost anywhere from $200 to $400 per project. The materials for shellacking are a little more expensive, ranging from $6 to $16 per square foot.

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